Meaning of obscurum per obscurius in English:

obscurum per obscurius


  • An argument or proposition expressed in terms which are even less clear than the original; an explanation which is harder to understand than what it is meant to explain. Also as adjective and adverb Compare "ignotum per ignotius".


obscurum per obscurius

/ɒbˌskjʊərəm pəː(r) ɒbˈskjʊərɪəs/ /əbˌskjʊərəm pər əbˈskjʊərɪəs/


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. From post-classical Latin obscurum per obscurius, lit. ‘the unclear (explained) by means of the more unclear’ from classical Latin obscūrum, use as noun of neuter singular of obscūrus + per through + obscūrius, neuter singular of comparative of obscūrus.