Meaning of obsequiousness in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈsiːkwɪəsnəs/

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‘But in the intervening years, the State Department's refusal to press for reform in that country turned into humiliating obsequiousness.’
  • ‘In the past, Percy served as comic relief, a stuffed shirt whose obsequiousness toward authority figures was matched only by his imperiousness toward younger students.’
  • ‘Make note of the incoherent speech, grammatical errors, cutesy nicknames with reporters, and crankiness from the president and obsequiousness from the press.’
  • ‘The prime minister had destroyed the industrial base with fanatical cruelty, with an impunity largely supplied by the obsequiousness and weakness of the opposition.’
  • ‘But the prime minister obsequiousness to him is prompting revolt and disgust in the ranks of his Labor Party against him.’