Meaning of observational in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɒbzəˈveɪʃən(ə)l/


  • 1Relating to the action or process of closely observing or watching something or someone.

    ‘long-term observational data suggested an improvement in survival’
    • ‘the observational skills of a journalist’
    • ‘our study was purely observational’
    • ‘Observational assessment covers many different aspects relating to both the teacher-student interaction and the learning environment.’
    • ‘I valued the film as a warm observational portrait of a brief, yet fruitful, encounter between two lonely and isolated persons.’
    • ‘The work that has been done relating to horticultural education is observational and little data exists to back up observations.’
    • ‘She'd have us take walks to the railroad to sharpen our observational skills.’
    • ‘This is a film about an observational documentary crew following a serial killer.’
    • ‘Interview and observational methodologies should be appropriate to uncover this kind of information.’
    • ‘It is important to remember that the observational data do not communicate consumer thoughts and meanings.’
    • ‘There is some observational evidence that supports the theory.’
    • ‘We film in an observational style, following events on and off over a period of months to see how things turn out.’
    • ‘Through observational learning you have acquired a great number of behaviors that you could potentially produce but never do.’
    1. 1.1Drawing on things that one has seen, heard, or noticed in everyday life.
      ‘a master of observational comedy’
      • ‘The climax of the album, however, is his mournful, observational rapping.’
      • ‘This was the last performance of his usual brand of observational humor.’
      • ‘He is well equipped with sharp observational humour and precision comic timing.’
      • ‘At their essence, they were brilliant observational humorists.’
      • ‘Like the best observational comedy, it deals in exposing simple truths through humour and swearing.’
      • ‘Watch it with friends and let the subtle observational humour win you over until the smile washes over your face and you laugh in unison.’
      • ‘There's a lot of brilliantly observational material about relationships.’
      • ‘It's more like a chorus line of wonderful observational one-liners.’
      • ‘Her sparky mix of hip hop beats, sing-a-long choruses and sharply observational lyrics about modern English life made her an internet sensation before she even released a record.’
      • ‘Like most comics today, his stage act is far too long but it does include some of the best observational comedy you'll ever see.’