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Pronunciation /əbˈzəːvə/

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  • 1A person who watches or notices something.

    ‘to a casual observer, he was at peace’
    • ‘For instance, on the island site of the ‘Three Pools Mirroring the Moon’ even a casual observer may notice something slightly odd about some of the trees.’
    • ‘A casual observer might have noticed they were all drinking pints of Caledonian 80 Shilling, but they were not only there to enjoy the local ale.’
    • ‘These are the kind of clues that might escape the notice of the casual observer.’
    • ‘The omission was not only noticed by quiet observers but triggered general audience murmur well before the show's half-way mark.’
    • ‘He said few observers had noticed this part of the speech, which could have a ‘significant’ impact on some owner-managers which have not been paying the right amount of tax.’
    • ‘Industry observers are now watching to see if the changes at both companies will prove a blessing or a curse, particularly for the jobs of the 7,000-plus employees at the two businesses.’
    • ‘In lieu of using polls to determine a candidate's strength among the voters, prudent observers will watch how the campaign teams shuffle their money.’
    • ‘Silent observers continue to watch, unsure whether it is us mismanaging our affairs or just the stronger and more corruptible ones keeping their grip tight.’
    • ‘More skeptical observers noticed the shameless manipulation.’
    • ‘But I do conceive of a new game in the meantime, as I watch the impartial observers who survey us nonstop for our own safety.’
    • ‘Keen observers will have noticed that a sign has been placed on the gate to a field opposite Marshallstown houses recently.’
    • ‘Keen-eyed observers among you will notice that I've been fiddling with my template once again.’
    • ‘Over a period of years a sympathetic observer notices marked changes, although such personal reflections are notoriously subjective.’
    • ‘But a careful observer would notice a second transportation link that leaves from here.’
    • ‘Only a trained observer would notice her hands and feet look somewhat larger and more masculine.’
    • ‘A keen observer might notice the Star of David she wears around her neck.’
    • ‘It was a feast to eyes of the observer watching people eat baked water chestnuts.’
    • ‘It took a dedicated observer to notice what was going on, but these clouds were estranged now.’
    • ‘The power of the strike is such that even a casual observer would sit up and take notice.’
    • ‘More importantly, though - and this is something that few observers seem to have noticed - the scale of her marks changed dramatically.’
    spectator, onlooker, watcher, looker-on, fly on the wall, viewer, witness, eyewitness, bystander, sightseer
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    1. 1.1A person who follows events closely and comments publicly on them.
      ‘some observers expect interest rates to rise’
      • ‘But analysts and observers who followed the six-week trial of the men say the proceedings failed to shed light on the claimed plot and that little hard evidence was introduced in court.’
      • ‘We expected observers to use the public information available to them and thus prefer the ‘rich’ patch.’
      • ‘No one has represented the divided self better-the analyst, the observer, the commentator who serves as witness of the one who has come through.’
      • ‘Interested observers and commentators might more usefully examine in more detail the results, rather than the personalities of the Police.’
      • ‘With no personal stake in the performance scene, Priyambada continues to be one of the most objective observers and commentators of the Odissi scene.’
      • ‘That it could generate such serious commentary by observers is perhaps an unprecedented phenomenon in the history of mainland Chinese entertainment programs.’
      • ‘Religious persecution in that country is a matter of public record and the subject of frequent comment from human rights observers and even from the U.S. State Department.’
      • ‘Pakistani observers commented yesterday that it would be difficult for an African to set up home in Gujrat, where foreigners are not so common, without attracting attention.’
      • ‘Many observers and commentators have wondered why it has taken so long for the Coalition and the provisional government to act.’
      • ‘Some observers said the comments could merely be part of an attempt by the attorney general to generate sympathy and thus boost his candidacy.’
      • ‘Many observers commented on Stalin's timelessness and ubiquity.’
      • ‘Some observers say that comment, which got widespread coverage in the French media, planted the seeds of the current violence.’
      • ‘During our concise conversation, Conrad proves to be a sharp observer and commentator on the game.’
      • ‘The policy behind the section is greater accountability: observers and commentators will be able to see the reasoning behind particular decisions on monetary policy and how each member voted.’
      • ‘But, as observers have often commented, there is an extra element to them, an X-factor, a force that makes them more than the sum of their considerable parts.’
      • ‘The law and order legislation contained in the speech led a number of observers to comment on the dangers of the development of a police state in Britain.’
      • ‘Astute observers commented on this trend to eliminate force even before the emergence of relativity and quantum mechanics.’
      • ‘Some observers have commented that private certifiers could become the employees of territorial local authorities.’
      critic, commentator, connoisseur, judge, observer, pundit, analyst, arbiter
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    2. 1.2A person posted in an official capacity to an area to monitor political or military events.
      ‘elections scrutinized by international observers’
      • ‘Musa is Amnesty International's official observer of the Military Commission trials at the bay.’
      • ‘Also, it is reported today that for the first time the government has asked international observers to monitor the last week of the election campaign.’
      • ‘In November, Mr Smith was in Gibraltar as a member of the international observer team monitoring the referendum on sovereignty in which Gibraltarians voted to stay under British rule.’
      • ‘Critics have said that the Commission - which had international observers and monitors - has been too harsh on the State.’
      • ‘The troops were airlifted to Darfur to protect unarmed military observers monitoring a ceasefire between government forces and rebels.’
      • ‘‘There might be international observers but not monitors, and they will have no role in supervising elections,’ Sorour added.’
      • ‘Rice also insisted that international monitors and observers be allowed access to Egyptian presidential and parliamentary elections later this year.’
      • ‘Apparently, the Congressional Black Caucus has gotten their wish, and international observers will monitor the presidential election.’
      • ‘There's still time for you to vote on our Web question of the week: Should international observers monitor the U.S. presidential election?’
      • ‘The idea that some people might take away from this - that we are a Third-World nation to have international observers monitoring our elections.’
      • ‘Some 12 British MPs and a small number of international observers will monitor the votes as they are cast across the North and South Islands.’
      • ‘A team of international observers was monitoring the vote amid claims by opposition and human rights workers that the election was being manipulated.’
      • ‘The Times has learnt that the Government has, for the first time in a general election, invited international observers to monitor the last week of the campaign.’
      • ‘Egypt does not allow international observers to monitor its elections.’
      • ‘Annan says robust monitoring by international observers will be key to resolving the devastating conflict.’
      • ‘Nazif also said his government is not opposed to reputable international observers monitoring the elections if the public accepts such monitoring.’
      • ‘The international observers sent to monitor the vote in fact didn't set foot in the country and ‘observed’ from Amman in Jordan.’
      • ‘Although it is a closed military area, observers from the African Union have identified it as a base for 900 rebel fighters.’
      • ‘Some additional requirements are placed on the officer personnel sent to UN missions in capacity of military observers.’
      observer, watchdog, overseer, invigilator, supervisor
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    3. 1.3A person who attends a conference, inquiry, etc., to note the proceedings without participating in them.
      ‘he had been invited to attend the meeting as an observer’
      • ‘Mr and Mrs Taylor have also discovered that they are too late to object to the plan and can now only attend the inquiry as observers.’
      • ‘In addition to the mediators, 19 figures representing numerous groups who attended the meeting as observers, also witnessed the signing of the peace deal.’
      • ‘His present partner attends but is an observer not a participant.’
      • ‘Accredited organisations are invited to participate as observers in the meetings.’
      • ‘The carrier wants $950 million in overall concessions and says the mechanics are refusing to attend meetings unless observers are present.’
      • ‘NGOs are allowed to participate in meetings as observers only if they are concerned with matters within the competence of the relevant organ or organization.’
      • ‘His future wife was able to attend the Conference as an observer.’
      • ‘Widespread ballot box stuffing was reported, and election observers noted how pro-government forces gathered outside polling stations intimidating voters.’
      • ‘The observers attended formal treatment sessions, but did not actively participate in the meetings themselves.’
      • ‘Both regulars and guests from previous episodes attend the trial as observers or character witnesses.’
      • ‘Those attending the hearing as observers included representatives of the Tripoli diplomatic missions of the United States, the Czech Republic and Canada.’
      • ‘Ambassador Niinioja said two officials from Finland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs attended the talks as observers.’
      • ‘These sessions are open to amateur and professional students of all ages, and also to non-musicians who can attend as observers.’
      • ‘Mr Khan said he and three other observers had attended the opening of the postal ballot papers at the Hilton Hotel, Bradford, on April 30.’
      • ‘Non-government organisations (NGOs) use their ability to sit as observers in conferences of all kinds, around the world, to urge their own agenda on the people who must abide by the rules that are set.’
      • ‘Singaporean delegates will attend as observers, which will also discuss cultures that influence the use of language.’
      • ‘Not only that, but many observers noted that the low turn-out on elections day may be put down to the apathy of many potential voters.’
      • ‘The draw took place in Bank House on Sunday, November 7 and the organisers would also like to thank Mr Donnell who acted as an independent observer at the proceedings.’
      • ‘Also attending as observers / supporters were representatives of labor organizations from Washington State, Canada, and Brazil.’
      • ‘In 1969, they participated as observers in a world congress of the United Secretariat, which decided to pursue a rural guerrilla tactic in Latin America.’
    4. 1.4A person trained to spot and identify enemy aircraft or to reconnoitre enemy positions from the air.
      ‘the Royal Observer Corps’
      • ‘Future battles will have unmanned systems as forward sensor / observers detecting and identifying high-value targets and calling for fires.’
      • ‘Capt Donald regularly flew all types of missions in fixed wing aircraft and acted as an observer in rotary wing aircraft.’
      • ‘Joe also spent time at an aerial machine-gunnery school where observers and gunners were trained.’
      • ‘A Naval Air Squadron which trains flight observers has become the first to clock up 50 unbroken years in commission.’
      • ‘Since there was a shortage of men to fly in the observer / copilot position, he went through abbreviated flight training in-country to fill the gap.’