Meaning of obsessively in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈsɛsɪvli/

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  • In an obsessive manner.

    ‘she worries obsessively about her impending motherhood’
    • ‘he is obsessively focused on his career’
    • ‘Throughout it all, he has followed his passion and painted obsessively in every conscious moment.’
    • ‘He obsessively catalogs items pertaining to his family.’
    • ‘She obsessively followed the two bands.’
    • ‘I've been able to obsessively check my email six times in a weekend.’
    • ‘After an hour of obsessively checking my email, it sent me an address, phone number and more.’
    • ‘He dipped all the glasses in hot water, obsessively cleaning each one.’
    • ‘The Party obsessively tracked public opinion.’
    • ‘She worried obsessively that her four-year struggle would destroy her family's finances.’
    • ‘He goes through phases where he focuses obsessively on one particular site.’
    • ‘I listened obsessively to the most recent song my ex-boyfriend wrote about me.’