Meaning of obsessiveness in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈsɛsɪvnɪs/

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‘The good thing about Bollinger is that he hasn't lost that quality - passion, wonder, obsessiveness, whatever it is - that initially motivates the fan or collector.’
  • ‘What the truth is, is that it shows really the obsessiveness, the addictiveness of this kind of eating, the eating in the car, the bingeing, all of which is true.’
  • ‘Her two-hour sunrise yoga sessions and macrobiotic diet (though hers appears to include wine and cheese) have been held up as instances of fussy obsessiveness.’
  • ‘This is impressive obsessiveness, but a critic once said of him: ‘He's so clever he forgets to be funny.’’
  • ‘It's often these inconsequential things that appeal to me, and I'm aware that my subconscious obsessiveness underpins this somehow.’