Meaning of obstreperousness in English:


Pronunciation /əbˈstrɛp(ə)rəsnəs/


See obstreperous

‘It is this obstreperousness that is the problem.’
  • ‘Rogers has his uses in some roles, but not as a leading man whose appeal must mitigate his obstreperousness.’
  • ‘What seems clearer in the back-and-forth of the past week is that even if the pundits are right about postwar forgiveness for prewar obstreperousness, forgiveness might not come easy.’
  • ‘Before the trouble was over the part of the audience occupying the rear orchestra seats were more interested in the obstreperousness of the irate mother than they were in ‘Alda.’’
  • ‘What makes it truly frustrating is that, somewhere in the stream of inconsequence and obstreperousness, there are usually a few nuggets of gold.’