Meaning of obturator foramen in English:

obturator foramen

Pronunciation /fəˈreɪmɛn/


  • A large opening in the hip bone between the pubis and the ischium.

    ‘The remainder of the ischium joins with the pubis to form the obturator foramen.’
    • ‘It originates at the medial surface of the pubis, covers the obturator foramen, and passes by the lesser sciatic notch.’
    • ‘Radiography showed mature bone fragments in the obturator foramen.’
    • ‘The obturator internus and externus muscles can be seen arising (in part) from opposite sides of the obturator foramen.’
    • ‘The obturator foramen appears to be completely enclosed, although the puboischial border is not well preserved in any of the specimens.’