Meaning of obvs in English:


Pronunciation /ɒvz/


(also obv)
  • Obviously.

    • ‘'Léon' (obvs not his real name) was credited with the brand's resurrection’
    • ‘I'm not unbiased, obv’
    • ‘I'm excited, obvs.’
    • ‘I'm too busy to make my own content lately, obvs.’
    • ‘Somewhat to my surprise, family and friends were unanimous in their approval; obvs I'm not the only nervous Nellie in town.’
    • ‘Dependent on me actually getting one, obvs.’
    • ‘It was a total hipster fest ... obvs ... but I had a good time and we danced some dances.’
    • ‘Click to make bigger, obvs.’
    • ‘Seen it all before, obvs.’
    • ‘You can hook up two DisplayPort-compatible computers to a single monitor (and keyboard and mouse, obvs) without converters.’
    • ‘Out staggered this rather little but unmistakably scarlet-blobbed critter who had obvs been affected by the spraying and had crawled into the bag for protection.’
    • ‘The body that is involved is obv not the organism.’
    • ‘She's from the 18th century, obv.’
    • ‘The worst part is, though, that it's all delish (apart from the pizza, obv).’
    • ‘I'm just committed to extirpating self-destructive and destructive passions (in myself first of all obv).’
    • ‘Not a reason for you to like it, obv, but just worth saying if we're making the comparison.’
    • ‘His dad was paying, obv.’
    • ‘This is a good thing obv.’
    • ‘The whole thing breaks down obv.’
    • ‘Well, she plays a more key role as the story goes on, so we see her a bit more, but there are also several chapters of pretty much just Jesse/Will interaction, so she's obv not in those ones.’
    • ‘I thought I had a decent camera but obvs not.’
    • ‘Caffeine is obvs the number one sustenance of sleep-deprived college students everywhere.’
    clearly, evidently, plainly, patently, visibly, discernibly, manifestly, noticeably


1980s shortening of obviously.