Meaning of oceanarium in English:


Pronunciation /ˌəʊʃəˈnɛːrɪəm/

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nounoceanariums, oceanaria

  • A large seawater aquarium in which marine animals are kept for study and public entertainment.

    ‘Dolly the dolphin, the much loved senior resident of the Bayworld oceanarium, is pregnant again.’
    • ‘Before the storm oceanarium officials had evacuated 6 of the facility's 14 dolphins to hotel swimming pools.’
    • ‘The penguins have been exported to oceanariums and zoos all over the world, including Israel, the US, Japan and Netherlands.’
    • ‘The mystery surfaced when a separate group of dolphins was washed from a commercial oceanarium on the Mississippi coast during Katrina.’
    • ‘Ancol is also conducting a major renovation on Gelanggang Samudra, an oceanarium which is famous for its dolphin and sea lion shows.’
    • ‘‘An oceanarium in the backwaters is under serious consideration,’ said the Mayor, C. M. Dinesh Mani.’
    • ‘She dreamt that that she was in a large oceanarium.’
    • ‘The oceanarium is owned by Underwater World Pattaya Ltd and managed by Sovereign Marketing.’
    • ‘A huge oceanarium at Parque das Nacoes pays homage to the oceans which were crossed and charted repeatedly by the Portuguese.’
    • ‘A massive oceanarium at Parque das Nacoes pays homage to the oceans crossed and charted by the Portuguese during the heyday of their empire.’
    • ‘The park provides Western-style food inside the oceanarium, where you eat as if at the bottom of the ocean surrounded by various kinds of fish.’
    • ‘A visit to the site of Expo '98 and, in particular, Europe's largest oceanarium, is worth considering.’


1940s from ocean, on the pattern of aquarium.