Meaning of ockerdom in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒkədəm/


mass nouninformal Australian
  • The qualities or attitudes considered characteristic of a stereotypical rough, uncultivated Australian man.

    • ‘the manager is the epitome of ockerdom, in his lurid unbuttoned Hawaiian print shirt’
    • ‘It's a bit hard to be representative of Australians today when the ghost of his ockerdom looms this large.’
    • ‘Tom crashes back to the realities of beer cans and ockerdom.’
    • ‘I know most of her friends and love them too, much more intelligent and gentle than she would find in Ockerdom, and that's important.’
    • ‘The most casual acquaintance with the studied, sardonic boorishness and obligatory Ockerdom of Australian beer commercials suggests that the product might be hard to move within the island continent.’
    • ‘The locals are bedecked in the uniform of Ockerdom: grimy shorts, singlets, and working shirts.’


1970s from ocker + -dom.