Significado de octavo en en inglés


(also 8vo)

Pronunciación /ɒkˈtɑːvəʊ/ /ɒkˈteɪvəʊ/

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  • 1A size of book page that results from folding each printed sheet into eight leaves (sixteen pages)

    ‘foolscap octavo’
    • ‘three octavo volumes’
    • ‘Folded one more time, the sheet produces a book-sized format call an octavo.’
    • ‘Faulkner's monument is the edition of Swift's Works issued in twenty octavo volumes in 1772.’
    • ‘The first number of the Boston Journal of Natural History appeared in 1834 and continued through seven octavo volumes until it was declared complete in 1863.’
    • ‘This title derives from the first text of the play, published in octavo (small-format book) in 1595.’
    • ‘It was much easier to read and was available in octavo form and could be effortlessly held in the hand easily.’
    • ‘Most basically, these texts were small, usually octavo publications of between 100 and 300 pages, bursting with short poems in English by three or more authors.’
    • ‘John Woodhouse did at least 72 of the 150 paintings for the imperial folio edition and 5 additional plates for the octavo edition.’
    1. 1.1A book of octavo size.
      • ‘The five volumes consisted of an octavo of 786 pages of descriptive matter and four imperial folios containing 213 plates.’


Late 16th century from Latin in octavo ‘in an eighth’, from octavus ‘eighth’.