Meaning of ocular in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒkjʊlə/

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  • Of or connected with the eyes or vision.

    ‘ocular trauma’
    • ‘Other symptoms of polycythemia vera include headaches, transient neurologic or ocular complaints, and paresthesias.’
    • ‘A high index of suspicion can preserve vision and prevent further ocular complications.’
    • ‘In high concentrations, the smoke causes ocular and upper respiratory tract irritation in health care personnel.’
    • ‘Patients with suspected ocular disease should be referred to an ophthalmologist for a full dilated ocular examination.’
    • ‘In one uncontrolled series, 12% of women developed ocular toxicity, some of them within a few months of starting treatment.’
    optical, seeing, optic, ocular, eye


another term for eyepiece
‘Thoughtfully this model features attached objective lens covers and a cover for the oculars.’
  • ‘She crossed her arms and stared into my eyes with those azure oculars.’
  • ‘Completely white oculars were framed by a rectangular mask that like Ko-chin's covered only the area of her eyes.’
  • ‘His skin was a dark coffee brown accenting his bizarre crimson oculars.’
  • ‘Toshi was writhing on the floor, his golden-brown oculars full of agony for his sister.’
  • ‘To the rear of the ocular is a European fast-focus eyepiece.’
  • ‘The scout shouldered his Necrorifle, ducked behind a bush and handed his field ocular to his commanding officer.’
  • ‘The drawings were made with an ocular with a grid and from photographs.’
  • ‘After several attempts to adjust the ocular, I saw a bright disc about the size of a moon but this was only because the scope was out of focus.’
  • ‘The length of the largest starch grains was measured from three cells of the endodermis per cross-section with a micrometer ocular.’
  • ‘We determined DNA migration with an Olympus BMX60 microscope with a fluorescent beam source, measuring with a scaled ocular.’


Late 16th century from late Latin ocularis, from Latin oculus ‘eye’.