Meaning of oculomotor in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒkjʊlə(ʊ)ˌməʊtə/


  • Relating to the motion of the eye.

    ‘A stimulant action on the parasympathetic portion of the oculomotor nucleus (third cranial nerve) is responsible for pupillary miosis.’
    • ‘Exclusion criteria included any prior history of vestibular dysfunction, tinnitus, hearing loss, or any central vestibular or oculomotor dysfunction.’
    • ‘Some patients may manifest oculomotor disturbance when the orbit and optic nerve are compressed.’
    • ‘Above the buttress is the oculomotor myodome, with the foramen for the oculomotor nerve.’
    • ‘Studies do not indicate ginger has influence within the vestibular or oculomotor system.’