Meaning of oculomotor nerve in English:

oculomotor nerve


  • Each of the third pair of cranial nerves, supplying most of the muscles around and within the eyeballs.

    ‘The posterior cerebral may course below, rather than over, the oculomotor nerve.’
    • ‘In all gnathostomes, all but two of the extrinsic eye muscles are controlled by the oculomotor nerve (Cranial Nerve III).’
    • ‘This ganglion contains preganglionic nerves and postganglionic neurons of the oculomotor nerve.’
    • ‘Occasionaly, slips corresponding to a retractor bulbi muscle are found; these may be supplied by the abducens and oculomotor nerves.’
    • ‘The oculomotor nerve passes between the posterior cerebral and superior cerebellar arteries.’