Meaning of oenology in English:


Pronunciation /iːˈnɒlədʒi/

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(US enology)
mass noun
  • The study of wines.

    ‘Early on, Shari went back to school to study viticulture and enology at the University of California, Davis.’
    • ‘The curriculum is based on the existing beverage studies core that includes classes in beverage service, oenology and related areas.’
    • ‘‘I read Maynard Amerine's book,’ he said, referring to the longtime University of California at Davis viticulture and enology professor.’
    • ‘There's a practical, workhorse ethic about the school's enology and viticulture programs, where students learn winemaking on a commercial scale.’
    • ‘When modern professors of oenology see this in their nightmares, they wake up screaming.’
    • ‘Most are created by winemakers taught the same unimaginative standards of flavor, quality, and technique at enology schools the world over.’
    • ‘I was drawn to winemaking and studied for a degree in oenology.’
    • ‘Torres began his wine career with a course in oenology at the University of Dijon in Burgundy.’
    • ‘The late science-fiction author Lester Del Rey was accustomed to declaring authoritatively on every subject from oenology to onomancy.’
    • ‘Nicholas's passion is not just acquired-in-France along with a great deal of oenology, it comes from within.’
    • ‘The wine was bought directly from a local producer, picked more or less at random from our guide, who turned out to be a professor of oenology, no less.’
    • ‘Heitz then went on to Fresno State College in California, where he lectured in oenology for a few years.’
    • ‘Crack open a bottle of Three-Buck Chuck and read along as Judge Bill Gibron schools you in the ways of enology.’


Early 19th century from Greek oinos ‘wine’ + -logy.