Meaning of of a kind in English:

of a kind

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  • Used to indicate that something is not as good as it might be expected to be.

    ‘there is tribute, of a kind, in such popularity’
    • ‘There are more than a half a dozen candidates for the presidency, so there is democracy of a kind.’
    • ‘Except that we do have special status, of a kind, with the federal government.’
    • ‘Though the Tory move shows boldness of a kind, it is not the only party that is rethinking.’
    • ‘The margins are inhabited by interesting people who have a beauty of a kind.’
    • ‘Sibling-theory suggests that a brother or sister may also act as a parent of a kind.’
    • ‘Well it would still have to be jurisdictional error, would it not, of a kind.’
    • ‘Smashing up a hamburger joint might give a person kudos of a kind.’