Meaning of of a sort in English:

of a sort

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(also of sorts)
  • Of a somewhat unusual or inferior kind.

    • ‘the training camp actually became a tourist attraction of sorts’
    • ‘It would be reasonable to conclude Princess Diaries 2 offered a refuge of sorts.’
    • ‘I'm going to have to come up with a game of sorts with rules and things.’
    • ‘I was at a party of sorts at the weekend, although it was an older persons party.’
    • ‘On the fourth day of Eid, one of my uncles absolutely insisted on a family reunion of sorts at his house.’
    • ‘Red House is a museum of sorts furnished as it was like in the mid 1800's with a very good, well stocked garden.’
    • ‘Then the veteran of the Canadian metal scene then went on a sabbatical of sorts.’
    • ‘The campaign is also a ready reckoner of sorts for those who are still not sure of traffic rules and signs.’
    • ‘Then came some more shocking photos and an apology of sorts on Thursday.’
    • ‘They met on Easter Sunday, 1995, a day which marks a resurrection of sorts for Barker.’
    • ‘He clearly feels the fame, of sorts, now conferred upon him is unwarranted.’