Meaning of of interest in English:

of interest


  • Interesting.

    ‘his book should be of interest to historians’
    • ‘The Tories have little to say of interest or importance on most of the political issues of the day.’
    • ‘Why should this book be of interest to readers in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in Europe?’
    • ‘They are available at all churches and are a good read and should be of interest to many.’
    • ‘It is of interest to take a look at a paper report of the damage done in the town of Carlow on that night.’
    • ‘English Heritage have already seen the school, and did not see enough of interest to list it.’
    • ‘If you have found any of the foregoing of interest to you, please don't hesitate to come and meet us.’
    • ‘The museum also had a large display showing items of interest, dating back centuries.’
    • ‘Even if it is soon listed, it may still be of interest to a developer.’
    • ‘An examination of the comparative situation in America would also be of interest.’
    • ‘As you might be able to tell, there is relatively little of interest happening in Oxford.’