Meaning of of like mind in English:

of like mind

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(also of a like mind)
  • (of a person) sharing the same opinions or tastes.

    ‘In most matters he and Black were of like mind, however.’
    • ‘We seem to be of like mind when it comes to football and football matters.’
    • ‘Both father and son share a passion for politics and strong beliefs in the importance of family values, although they have not always been of a like mind politically.’
    • ‘She said her career in real estate had enabled her to meet people of a like mind.’
    • ‘Lisa and I work well together because we are of like mind.’
    • ‘The Lewises set a great example for married couples because they are of like mind when it comes to investing and saving.’
    • ‘You pay heavily for the Mercedes mystique, but strong residual values prove that others are of like mind.’
    • ‘The scientists gathered others of like mind around them and new groups formed.’
    • ‘Although the submission came from the Marlborough District Council, a number of rural councils, all of a like mind, gave support to it.’
    • ‘A high percentage of the males in Britain were of a like mind on this one.’