Meaning of of the moment in English:

of the moment


  • Currently popular, famous, or important.

    ‘the buzzword of the moment’
    • ‘There are a thousand sites on the net which duplicate the popular links of the moment.’
    • ‘Now it's the buzzword of the moment and it could be a key issue in the coming Federal election.’
    • ‘Virtualization is the buzzword of the moment for hardware and software makers alike.’
    • ‘What counts is the impression of doing something, of taking quick decisions to respond to the issue of the moment.’
    • ‘Indifference seems to be the more prevalent mood of the moment.’
    • ‘Building more roads, tolled to discourage people from using them, is the curious logic of the moment.’
    • ‘For trendies, it's the season's must-have piece of kit, the garment of the moment.’
    • ‘Pinot is the word, the wine of the moment, whether it be Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir.’
    • ‘While white does look good and seems to be the colour of the moment, I am worried that this will not be the case in a couple of years.’
    • ‘We're on our way to the festival, on a tour bus with one of the hot British bands of the moment!’