Meaning of off-gas in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɒfɡas/


  • A gas which is given off, especially one emitted as the by-product of a chemical process.

    ‘In conjunction with the new smelting configuration, an Acid Plant would be constructed to convert the off-gas into sulphuric acid that can be used in metallurgical leach projects.’
    • ‘In any event the plant design includes highly efficient dust filter plants at a cost of some N $26 million to capture furnace off-gases and dust.’
    • ‘A lot of materials actually give off gas, and that gas can be toxic, and by selecting the right carpets the right sort of paints, we have used ones that don't give off toxic off-gases.’


[no object]
  • Give off a chemical, especially a harmful one, in the form of a gas.

    ‘soft plastics are potentially more harmful, since they may off-gas into stored foods’
    • ‘This works pretty well but whatever chemical is in the drycleaning cloth you use will off-gas from your clothes like crazy for a day or two.’
    • ‘But even after that, the plywood or particleboard under the veneer will continue to off-gas for several more years.’
    • ‘Many of these compounds continue to off-gas well after installation and are contributors to poor indoor air quality.’
    • ‘‘We look at the chemicals that, when you paint, may off-gas and have an impact on indoor air and the building's occupants,’ he says.’
    • ‘Our cribs do not off-gas and are made without plastics or chemicals that are present in most crib mattresses.’