Meaning of off balance in English:

off balance


  • Not even, stable, or in correct proportions.

    ‘slightly off-balance performances by the show's leads’
    • ‘an addiction that could destroy his already off-balance existence’
    • ‘He felt slightly off-balance at how fast the mood had changed.’
    • ‘The show often feels off-balance, with Kennedy appearing uncertain how serious or funny he intends to be.’
    • ‘Laughing quietly, I yank at her arm so she careens into me, off-balance.’
    • ‘His sculptures all seem to be slightly off-balance.’
    • ‘In this room, we feel as off-balance as the handheld footage that shakes on the video monitor.’
    • ‘Unless you knew the firing was on the way, you will be emotionally off-balance and in a poor position to negotiate.’
    • ‘Everything seems to be off-balance, from the red scarf floating around the blonde's neck to the cigarettes tumbling from her hands to the toppling wine bottle on a cocktail table between the two women.’
    • ‘Their relationship becomes off-balance.’
    • ‘They're worried and off-balance.’
    • ‘He's a little confused and a little off-balance, but he knows his routine and heads to his car.’
    • ‘The six dancers engaged in aerobic off-balance slides and falls, as if being kicked to the ground.’
    asymmetrical, unsymmetrical, uneven, unevenly balanced, unbalanced, off-balance, off-centre, unequal, askew, skew, skewed, squint, tilted, tilting, crooked, sloping, slanted, aslant, one-sided, out of true, out of line, to one side, awry


    throw someone off balance
    • 1Cause someone to become unsteady and in danger of falling.

      • ‘the big man was thrown off balance by his own weight’
      1. 1.1Surprise someone by doing something unexpected.
        • ‘the enemy were caught off balance by the shock of the attack’