Meaning of off guard in English:

off guard

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(also off one's guard)
  • Unprepared for a surprise or difficulty.

    ‘the government was caught off guard by the unexpected announcement’
    • ‘As we have already seen the fire can spread very rapidly and may catch the unwary off guard.’
    • ‘If I could catch him off guard it would give me just the edge I needed to send him crying into comic oblivion.’
    • ‘The sheer size of the dish caught me a little off guard at first, but senses restored, I found the rich pate to be delightful.’
    • ‘In South Korea, the decline has been so precipitous that it caught the government off guard.’
    • ‘Caught off guard, we had to ask for a little time to look at the drink menu.’
    • ‘Although he had been caught off guard by the timing, both politicians knew a parting of the ways had been inevitable.’
    • ‘Our first night of performances went out with a loud snap as a quick thunderstorm caught us off guard.’
    • ‘I have been dialling his mobile unsuccessfully and am caught off guard when the final try of the day yields an answer.’
    • ‘The reassuring physical presence of a property is enough to catch many people off guard.’
    • ‘In its place it revealed a country caught hopelessly off guard and then sold down the river by its own middle class.’
    unprepared, unready, inattentive, unwary, unwatchful, with one's defences down, by surprise, cold, unsuspecting
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