Meaning of off one's chump in English:

off one's chump


informal British
  • Mad.

    • ‘I was beginning to think he'd gone off his chump’
    • ‘He must be off his chump if he thinks we're going to fork out that sort of money for a 3mx3m conservatory without any of the extras.’
    • ‘He must've gone off his chump in his dotage.’
    • ‘He is probably too off his chump to perform.’
    • ‘Police have stepped up the search for Johnson, a member of Parliament who's gone off his chump.’
    • ‘You are off your chump if you think you can use that kind of rubbish against me, boy.’
    • ‘He'd go off his chump if there was no ale.’
    • ‘Whoever is doing this is obviously completely off his chump, and I recommend they try to catch him as soon as possible.’
    • ‘There's something wrong with you to-night, Haldane, for you seem quite off your chump, so you'd better go below and sleep it off.’
    • ‘One person who had direct contact with him told me he was completely off his chump.’
    • ‘It has been two days as I write and already I am going off my chump.’
    mentally ill, severely mentally disordered, of unsound mind, certifiable, psychotic, schizophrenic