Meaning of off one's own bat in English:

off one's own bat

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  • At one's own instigation; spontaneously.

    ‘when he didn't chase the dog she came back off her own bat’
    • ‘I'm betting you wouldn't consider, off your own bat, changing the tyres, adding a turbo charger, adding a stereo or messing about with the engine, even if you know what you're doing, and even more so if you don't.’
    • ‘And the politicians did not do it off their own bat, they were elected to do it.’
    • ‘I haven't invested in any shares off my own bat, though, mainly because I don't know what I'm talking about.’
    • ‘Why should me doing it myself, off my own bat, make it such a big joke?’
    • ‘Simpson didn't go public entirely off his own bat.’
    • ‘He may well be pursuing that strategy off his own bat, however.’
    • ‘But they do not support a procedure in which the home secretary can make orders off his own bat in urgent cases.’
    • ‘If others wanted to go they'd have to do so off their own bat,’ the spokesperson added.’
    • ‘Middle-ranking executives were encouraged to take risks off their own bat.’
    • ‘He's doing it off his own bat, which I'm really happy with.’
    alone, all alone, on one's own, in a solitary state, separately, singly, solitarily, unaccompanied, solo