Meaning of off one's scone in English:

off one's scone


informal Australian
  • Mad or crazy.

    • ‘a man could go off his scone this way’
    • ‘I was now officially off my scone with happiness.’
    • ‘I'm off my scone and I only smoked a bit.’
    • ‘A man could go off his scone this way.’
    • ‘Nancy is going to go right off her scone when she hears I've taken this certificate from our family's mortal enemy.’
    • ‘They say the moon affects the psyche and that people in the loony bin go right off their scones during full moon.’
    • ‘This was the weirdest party you'd ever been to, it was full of crazy people and they were all off their scones.’
    • ‘They are off their scones if they think we're going to swallow this CAF rubbish for much longer.’
    • ‘Since they are both tripping off their scones, I'm quite concerned.’