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off year


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  • 1A year in which there is no major election, especially one in which there is a Congressional election but no Presidential election.

    ‘After sustaining a political high for much of 2004, those who crave the adrenaline of campaign season may dread the election doldrums of an off year.’
    • ‘In all the elections in these off years, politicians and consultants like to look and see what the leading indicators will be.’
    • ‘‘Even in an off year there's going to be elections like these that we need to focus on,’ Gross said.’
    • ‘As the former New York GOP state chair recently said, ‘There are no more off years.’’
    • ‘A lot of political consultants and policy wonks who specialize in local races also like to have local races in off years because they know not many people vote then.’
    • ‘He went out in an off year and campaigned heavily, and appears to certainly have a more controlling voice in the House.’
    • ‘They buy, I believe, books like these as a way of voting against the president in an off year.’
    • ‘I'm wondering if the press will take a few local races in this off year and try to sort of imbue it with some kind of national significance.’
  • 2A year that is inferior or substandard compared to previous ones.

    ‘he roared back last season from an off year during which he was plagued by injuries’
    • ‘In the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, we again had another off year, not winning any medals although performing creditably.’
    • ‘Gonzalez's injury-plagued off year and his lack of dependability could make him a potential bargain now that he has sabotaged much of his contract leverage.’
    • ‘The margin was partly attributable to Sosa's off year and the team's struggles at third base until Ramirez's arrival in July.’
    • ‘Throw in the Griffey hamstring and you have the makings of a really bad off year.’
    • ‘Some in England are blaming this off year on a new commercial focus in British film.’
    • ‘Congress often has off years - but 2003 marks a low point for the legislative branch.’
    • ‘This may be the end of the line for this big, fast wide receiver who is 30 years old and has had a number of off years when he wasn't in the greatest shape to begin with.’
    • ‘Why has Penn State had two off years?’
    • ‘With so many injuries and players having off years, the team must find other ways to win.’
    • ‘Some say he had an off year, and yet he still led the league in scoring.’
    • ‘After an off year in 1954, Roy had his fateful 1955 season.’
    • ‘2004 is an off year for Mars, at least in the night sky.’
    • ‘If the inline skate category has an off year, they simply turn their attention to something else.’
    • ‘We're having an off year, so we've gotta make the most with what we've got.’
    • ‘If it were up to those two superior talents, we psychotronic fans could just consider this an off year for the business.’
    • ‘Not content just being a rock/folk bard, he once spent an off year releasing bluegrass and dub side projects mere weeks apart.’
    • ‘During their off years, I'm told, the 17-year locusts survive by patiently sucking sap from the roots of trees.’
    • ‘They are the highest-ranked starters for the first time since 2002 after proving off years in '03 were the result of injury, not age.’
    • ‘A number of star players in mid-career recovered form from off years or inhibiting injuries to keep their teams in contention in the division title races.’
    • ‘Phone centers that sell copier toner or hype credit cards in the off years probably aren't going to be too savvy when it comes to the nuances of political telecommunication.’