Meaning of offensively in English:


Pronunciation /əˈfɛnsɪvli/

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  • 1In a way that causes resentment, upset, or disgust.

    ‘he behaved offensively to fellow guests’
    • ‘offensively loud music’
    • ‘Historically grape juice was preserved simply by adding offensively high doses of sulphur dioxide.’
    • ‘You hurt others by taking things offensively.’
    • ‘It's pathetic that a man of this century should be talking in such an offensively brazen manner about his son's future partner.’
    • ‘The fact that the smoke is offensively unpleasant warrants legislative regulation of the matter.’
    • ‘It's not that the majority of the songs presented are offensively bad, just completely unessential.’
    • ‘I hope you don't take this offensively, I just wanted to get this straight.’
    • ‘I find your tone here offensively patronizing.’
    • ‘The students found these assaults offensively condescending.’
    • ‘The Countess behaves offensively.’
    • ‘He was constantly drunk during a visit to the city and behaved offensively to fellow guests.’
  • 2In an actively aggressive or attacking manner.

    ‘they intended to fight the war offensively’
    • ‘our team did an amazing job offensively and defensively’
    • ‘Offensively, the running game is much easier to learn than the passing game.’
    • ‘She was trying to figure out a way to use the sword offensively.’
    • ‘They intended to fight the war offensively and win quickly.’
    • ‘As long as your offensively gifted soldiers are engaged in combat, you'll be gaining favour.’
    • ‘Offensively, players can dive if the defense is closing in.’
    • ‘This move can also be used offensively, and is capable of killing some of the lesser enemies.’
    • ‘Do your best offensively and carry out different attacks on enemy operations in the area.’
    • ‘It seems that people believe that the players can only play offensively.’
    • ‘The navy had acted offensively.’