Meaning of office holder in English:

office holder


  • A person who holds a position of authority or service, especially within a government or government organization.

    • ‘Every California governor in the past half-century has been either a veteran state officeholder or a celebrity.’
    • ‘Their events were rarely attended by local office holders.’
    • ‘The speakers almost always are either outstanding legal minds or high-level officeholders.’
    • ‘The nature of the offence obviously will vary depending upon the duties, statutory or common law, placed upon the office holder.’
    • ‘In a measure clearly aimed at Lauderdale, Parliament passed an act obliging all office holders to denounce the Covenants.’
    • ‘Provincial life was left to the dominance of the ennobled office-holders of the sovereign courts.’
    • ‘They are not, of course, capable of talking the economy up, which is the exclusive preserve of office holders.’
    • ‘Among her fellow Democrats, she is the only woman officeholder who has succeeded in a statewide campaign.’
    • ‘Foreign policy issues following 11 September catapulted two women office-holders in particular into the public eye.’
    • ‘They also homed in on a crucial point: Allowing officeholders to vie for a third term does not guarantee their re-election.’
    • ‘In Delaware, officeholders had to attest to their belief in the Holy Trinity.’
    • ‘The office holders should also continue to be members of the House of Lords.’
    • ‘All office holders, whether noble or bourgeois, were landowners.’
    • ‘Most state constitutions ban the practice outright; New Jersey has more dual office holders than any other state.’
    • ‘It deals with applications for authority to operate a local bank account where a business is being continued by the office holder.’
    • ‘It will take more than the force of ideas to convince most Democratic officeholders to turn against the teachers unions.’
    • ‘The political leadership required for this process of introspection was misappropriated for the gain of state office holders.’
    • ‘In public statements he has said that he is uncomfortable with the idea of denying communion to Catholic officeholders.’
    • ‘The Committee believes that the responsibility of public office-holders should continue to have a special emphasis in statute law.’
    • ‘Not one Republican officeholder or activist in Arlington would oppose the tax.’