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office junior

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  • The youngest or newest member of the staff of an office, employed especially in minor jobs.

    ‘I gave her a really hard time and insisted on seeing a properly qualified person, not the office junior.’
    • ‘I've always had an interest in the travel industry - I started out as the office junior at a bus company that organised tours of Britain and Europe.’
    • ‘Ten years down the line, going in as an office junior at 27, it would be quite degrading.’
    • ‘The guitarist and main lead vocalist is almost disturbingly fresh-faced, with the look of a mild-mannered office junior who's actually totally crackers not very far under the surface.’
    • ‘An office junior at a New Jersey mortgage broker and her boyfriend have been charged with fraud following the theft of thousands of credit reports.’
    • ‘I was very much the office junior and and was allocated whatever task bobbled along, on any given day.’
    • ‘The firm also wants to take on an office junior who will undergo training to gain a national vocational qualification.’
    • ‘She joined the firm in 1959 as office junior and worked her way up to become secretary to the senior partner.’
    • ‘She is now a legal secretary at a firm of solicitors, having been promoted in December 1999, after two years as office junior.’
    • ‘And office juniors in Bolton and Manchester are offered rates as low as £1.95 an hour, according to union research.’