Meaning of offline in English:


Pronunciation /ɒfˈlʌɪn/

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  • Not controlled by or directly connected to a computer or the internet.

    ‘Some initiatives work within the Internet, whereas others use the Internet more directly to facilitate offline activities.’
    • ‘A final feature worth mentioning is the all-new inclusion of split-screen multiplayer for offline use.’
    • ‘Although this was the first ever online virus description database, offline versions had existed long before.’
    • ‘System administrators have historically relied on offline archiving for data backup and storage.’
    • ‘Additionally, it allowed salespeople to synchronize data on their laptops for offline access - a specific demand of the sales force.’


  • 1While not directly controlled by or connected to a computer or the internet.

    ‘Two more famous web sites were taken offline by their Internet service providers under orders from government authorities.’
    • ‘Once in a while while surfing, the browser will do the same thing - the dialog box will ask if I should connect or stay offline.’
    • ‘E-mails went unsent and unanswered while the Internet was kept offline to protect the beleaguered system.’
    • ‘It's our belief that people behave differently on the Internet than they do offline.’
    • ‘All national schools were disconnected from the Internet the following day, with some remaining offline until the end of the week.’
    1. 1.1With a delay between the production of computer data and its processing.
      ‘The data files are then offline processed through the software to estimate the attitude parameters.’
      • ‘The process is conducted offline - taking down the production system until the batch update is completed - because it takes so long.’
      • ‘The sheer volume processing offline was just not practical.’