Meaning of oil refinery in English:

oil refinery


  • An industrial installation where crude oil is refined to produce fuels including petrol, paraffin, and diesel oil.

    ‘it is the site of one of the largest oil refineries in Europe’
    • ‘They are not only creating a natural habitat for migrating birds, but also moving the water away from the oil refinery, averting a potential ecological disaster.’
    • ‘The smell of the oil refinery and the occasional bit of ash raining from the sky affect my quality of life.’
    • ‘A group of U.K. farmers initiated blockades of oil refineries, fuel depots, and major motorways.’
    • ‘It's an industrial town near the Gulf of Mexico that was dominated by an oil refinery.’
    • ‘One moody image shows a twilit landscape with what look like oil refineries dark against the sky.’
    • ‘They own collieries in South Wales and oil refineries world-wide.’
    • ‘They live in a shack beside an oil refinery.’
    • ‘They're trying to make a life for themselves on the fringes of a smoke-spewing oil refinery on the outskirts of Sydney.’
    • ‘He works by day in the oil refinery where his friend is foreman.’
    • ‘Congress passed the legislation clamping down on oil refinery emissions.’