Meaning of oilskin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɔɪlskɪn/

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mass noun
  • 1Heavy cotton cloth waterproofed with oil.

    ‘a fisherman's outfit of yellow oilskin’
    • ‘an oilskin coat’
    • ‘The man was dressed in a heavy, green oilskin waterproof jacket and trousers.’
    • ‘So I donned my wellington boots, put on my waterproof coat and my oilskin hat, grabbed my brolly and went out for a short walk in the rain.’
    • ‘A yellow oilskin hat and coat hung from a hook on the wall beside the door.’
    • ‘The oilskin clothes, fur gloves and boots are replicas of the Burberry outfits Shackleton used in his ill-fated expedition to cross the Antarctic.’
    • ‘Stilmore dismounted, then reached into a saddlebag and brought out an object covered in protective oilskin.’
    • ‘Large drops of rain began to fall, and they laid groundsheets and put up their oilskin tents.’
    • ‘Grabbing the worn oilskin map out of his hands, Adria peered closely at the markings.’
    • ‘Does anyone know where I should take my oilskin jacket to be cleaned and de-moulded?’
    • ‘As he did, he realised with shock that it wasn't a normal jacket, but an oilskin greatcoat.’
    • ‘I carried Edward's letter in an oilskin pouch tucked inside my tunic.’
    • ‘He then rolled the hide into a bundle, placed the bundle in an oilskin sack, and began leading the way back to their skiff.’
    • ‘Her quiver of arrows had an oilskin cover to keep the arrows in and the snow and damp out.’
    1. 1.1oilskinsGarments made of oilskin.
      ‘So, I donned gloves and oilskins and put my hands to work cleaning out traps alongside my companions.’
      • ‘In Monsoon they appear as wide-eyed, god-like creatures dressed in yellow oilskins with water-filled pipes attached.’
      • ‘We climbed into oilskins, life jackets and clip-on safety harnesses, and became fellow shipmates for the day-night crossing.’
      • ‘Winton had been wearing a complete set of thick winter woolens, oilskins, and sea boots, and despite being a strong swimmer had not stood a chance in the heavy sea.’
      • ‘There are everyday photos in the style of Frank Meadows Sutcliffe of fishermen and their womenfolk, and examples of the smocks and oilskins worn by them.’
      • ‘Despite layers of thermal underwear and polar fleeces under my oilskins, I am so cold that I have lost all feeling in my right hand.’
      • ‘One by one they had taken waterproof oilskins and boots from the lighthouse; the last one had apparently locked the outer door behind him.’
      • ‘As he stumbled away, wrapped in oilskins, he shouted a few last words to us above the roar: ‘Good luck - and do help yourselves to whatever food and drink you can find.’’
      • ‘It was raining heavy on the day and we were wearing oilskins.’
      • ‘When he finally hung up his black boots and oilskins last month, Liam had clocked up 42 years as a fireman.’
      • ‘In her home-made oilskins held together with gaffer tape, the teenage was the most down-to-earth of sailing students.’
      • ‘The worst thing, we agreed, was putting on the oilskins in such conditions, whether on a fishing boat or a yacht heeled well over and battering her way into a difficult sea.’
      • ‘A number of the men in question in this incident had been given a complete set of oilskins before embarking in Rossaveal.’
      • ‘It is about wanting to be the sort of person who has a cloakroom groaning with wellington boots and children's oilskins, even if you last went for a walk 10 years ago.’
      • ‘When they come up we can make out on the tiny bridges two figures covered in oilskins, but nevertheless drenched through and looking like drowned rats.’
      • ‘They cycled both ways in the rain and the dark without any oilskins or protective gear and arrived back at 5am.’
      • ‘The lifeboat was an open rowing boat manned by local volunteers clad in oilskins.’
      • ‘Archive footage shows figures in yellow oilskins, hauling nets, heaving and leaping with silver fish.’
      • ‘His captain, Pullen said, wore his oilskins day and night.’
      • ‘A team of men in bright yellow oilskins and wellies prepares to winch a salmon cage out of the water.’