Meaning of oink in English:


Pronunciation /ɔɪŋk/


  • The characteristic grunting sound of a pig.

    ‘They all laughed, well, more like a series of grunts and oinks.’
    • ‘There were hundreds of them, all marching inexorably east, crunching their way across the tundra, emitting comical, guttural oinks.’
    • ‘This man, who lived on an immense land closure, was isolated, and, as a result, when ‘he fell ill, his weak cries could not be heard above the snorts and oinks of the pigs.’


[no object]
  • Make an oink.

    ‘The pig trotted off, oinking quietly to itself.’
    • ‘Corey took his finger and pulled up his nose to resemble a pig and went up into Al's face and oinked, and snorted.’
    • ‘A dog would bark, or a pig would oink and it wasn't entirely clear why.’
    • ‘The faint oinking of some of his pigs could be heard, even through the walls of the store.’
    • ‘George can only quack, oink, moo, and meow.’
    • ‘Lavalais said he eats ‘anything that used to moo, cluck or oink - as long as it's cooked.’’
    • ‘I was very taken by the man who oinked like a startled piglet when he laughed, which was virtually non-stop.’


1930s imitative.