Meaning of Oklahoman in English:


Pronunciation /ˌəʊkləˈhəʊm(ə)n/


  • Relating to or characteristic of the US state of Oklahoma or its inhabitants.

    ‘his Oklahoman drawl’
    • ‘Certain Oklahoman sheriffs have grumpily muttered that they have better things to do than deal with stuff like this.’
    • ‘During her show, Miley welcomed the Oklahoman rockers onstage for a cover collaboration.’
    • ‘Your views do not reflect Oklahoman sentiments in the least.’
    • ‘The accents are Oklahoman and Texan, and they come not just from expatriates of the Dust Bowl states but also from their California-born children and grandchildren.’
    • ‘My Oklahoman husband, meeting the ocean only recently, on a small freighter, responded to it with passion and not a sign of seasickness.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the US state of Oklahoma.

    ‘the handsome Oklahoman remained active in both TV and film’
    • ‘A native Oklahoman, the 28-year-old had never been out of the continental United States prior to the Tour.’
    • ‘The square-jawed Oklahoman looked the part of Utah State's next head football coach.’
    • ‘A 44-year-old Oklahoman, he has upscale tastes in cars and homes.’
    • ‘He said Oklahomans could expect to see hotter summers within the next few decades.’
    • ‘I'm glad to see so many Oklahomans coming out to support public education funding.’