Meaning of old people in English:

old people

plural noun

  • 1People who are elderly.

    ‘a scheme which ensures that all old people have central heating and insulation’
    • ‘The children steal whenever they can, but the old people are more accepting of their circumstances.’
    • ‘There were even MPs who were going around the country giving speeches to old people on how you can avoid paying this extra tax.’
    • ‘Christine's day job, though she has only one known customer, is Elder Cab, a one-person driving service for old people.’
    • ‘Another problem is the notion that only old people care about these films.’
    • ‘Bernadette preaches respect for animals and old people.’
    • ‘I heard some old people in the audience exclaim on their way out, "Now, THAT's a movie I'd come to again!"’
    • ‘Last time I checked, us old people can still have some summer fun on occasion too.’
    • ‘The camera lingers on the old people - their thick ankles and impossibly wrinkled and gnarled hands.’
    • ‘I like stories about old people who have some significance in their lives.’
    • ‘Kids were busily listening to manufactured boy bands, while all the old people complained that music had lost its meaning, its integrity, and its guitars.’
    1. 1.1Australian Aborigines who live in the traditional manner, regarded by their descendants as repositories of traditional knowledge.
      ‘their father was the last of the original old people from the North West Cape area’
      • ‘Gupapuyngu, the language I have learnt, is spoken only by the old people.’
      • ‘When the old people, who are the depositories of these customs, die, the knowledge even of these customs will die also.’
      • ‘Annabelle does not go with Bo to the playgrounds of the old people.’
      • ‘We've got to honour and pay our debts to the first Old People who walked this land.’