Meaning of old woman in English:

old woman

Pronunciation /ˌəʊl(d) ˈwʊmən/

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  • 1An elderly female person.

    ‘After three solid poundings, the door slowly creaked open to reveal an elderly old woman.’
    • ‘He zeroes in on the face of an old woman, showing that the weak and elderly are victims too.’
    • ‘Even children and old women and old men wanted to go.’
    • ‘And strangely enough it is one of the temptations of old men and old women.’
    • ‘But the sun came through the trees, old women tended the graves of old men, and a red squirrel hopped down from the trees and went running and hopping over the stones.’
    • ‘An old woman was found dead of old age on the number six.’
    • ‘I have, however, one qualification to make: I would prefer to be called an old lady rather than an old woman.’
    • ‘Once three graces, now three crones, the old women preside over their table and their kingdom of life.’
    • ‘Everywhere there are tourists but also the old women and the old men who have lived through it all and who must now weather the free market.’
    • ‘She's a motherly old woman with grey hair and weathered, wrinkled skin.’
    • ‘Instead of the crazy old man character there should be a crazy old woman.’
    • ‘Her biology lesson was taught by Mrs. Waller, an old woman who seemed to be going soft in her old age.’
    • ‘Fierce bargaining over the price is expected, and you may find that some knowledge of the local language is required in order to negotiate effectively with your opponents, who are often tougher than you might expect of old women.’
    • ‘One minute, she is an irritating, petulant rebel, winding up supermarket check-out girls, playing her music too loud, cannoning into old women on the stairs and never pausing to help.’
    • ‘I suspect that very different treatment would have followed, authority's idea of legitimate self-defence at best extending only to vulnerable old women, if them.’
    • ‘I had to make my sharp breathing and moans almost silent: the old women coming for their evening swims decided to discuss the latest in weather forecasts directly outside my cubicle.’
    • ‘I spent a few weeks high up in a building in East Croydon, looking out of the window, watching old women's faces, as they talked and shuffled papers, and trying to shuffle papers too.’
    • ‘Then wake up in the morning or afternoon, and look around the place you are staying, at the grizzled old women on the street corners hawking a bag of rice, or 3 apples in the biting cold.’
    • ‘He was definitely not shaman material, they concluded, and assigned him the task of picking berries with the old women, who tagged him with the nickname he bore till the end of his days.’
    • ‘You see old women sitting in doorways of multicoloured canal-side cottages weaving lace, sewing lace, cooking lace, or whatever else you do with it.’
    senior citizen, pensioner, OAP, elderly woman, crone
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    1. 1.1one's old woman informal A person's mother, wife, or girlfriend.
      • ‘he shed many tears over his old woman’
      • ‘So he went back home and asked his old woman whether there was any bread.’
      • ‘You'd much better not be swilling vodka, you fool, but taking pity on your old woman instead of falling at my feet.’
      • ‘When he had come home yesterday evening, a little drunk as usual, and from long-established habit had begun swearing and shaking his fists, his old woman had looked at her rowdy spouse as she had never looked at him before.’
      wife, spouse, bride
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    2. 1.2 derogatory A fussy or timid person (typically used of a man)
      • ‘he's always telling me I'm an old woman about security’
      worrier, perfectionist, stickler, grumbler
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