Meaning of omental in English:




See omentum

‘Retroperitpneal, peripancreatic, porta hepatis and mesenteric / omental lymph node enlargement may be evident.’
  • ‘A left salpingo-oophorectomy, left pelvic lymph node dissection, omental biopsy, and pelvic washings for cytology were performed.’
  • ‘A detailed review of the patient's medical records confirmed a right hemicolectomy for an ileal carcinoid with lymph node and omental metastases that had been performed elsewhere 10 years earlier.’
  • ‘We report a case of prostate adenocarcinoma, diagnosed 9 years earlier, in a patient who presented with intestinal obstruction due to extensive omental and peritoneal metastatic disease.’
  • ‘Microscopic sections of the omental nodules showed mature glial elements.’
  • ‘The individual with a positive omental sample for crocidolite was positive for crocidolite in the lung sample.’
  • ‘A fibrous wall can cover the omentum, developing from long standing inflammation and is called omental line.’
  • ‘An incidental omental mass found adjacent to the appendix was resected and determined to be an IMT.’
  • ‘Removal of all gross tumor and omental involvement reduces the tumor burden by 80% to 90%; however, microscopic and macroscopic metastatic disease frequently is present.’
  • ‘Peritoneal tuberculosis occurs in three forms: wet type with ascitis, dry type with adhesions, and fibrotic type with omental thickening and loculated ascites.’