Meaning of omnicompetence in English:



See omnicompetent

‘Nicole Kidman plays Virginia Woolf, working on the first draft of Mrs Dalloway, the stream-of-consciousness work of 1925, about the society hostess whose air of omnicompetence conceals inner turmoil.’
  • ‘Moreover, he argues, they have deliberately confused the general public with claims of omnicompetence - all in the service of an egoistic fantasy of ‘speaking truth to power.’’
  • ‘Hooker explicitly rejects the Puritan position, as he understands it, on the omnicompetence of Scripture.’
  • ‘They reinforce images of managerial omnicompetence at the expense of more responsible views of leadership.’
  • ‘It may be, in fact, the impossibility of omnicompetence that makes democracy the only viable choice for a system of governance.’