Meaning of omnipotence in English:


Pronunciation /ɒmˈnɪpət(ə)ns/

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mass noun
  • The quality of having unlimited or very great power.

    ‘God's omnipotence’
    • ‘And no show there has ever defied that newspaper's critical omnipotence quite so dramatically as a musical prequel to The Wizard of Oz, Wicked.’
    • ‘The bitter experiences and sufferings we had during the four decades of the Congress omnipotence and omnipresence can not be wiped off our memories.’
    • ‘The Enterprise is now all alone - the same plot device used in Voyager to mitigate the omnipotence of the Federation.’
    • ‘A consequence of the infant's belief in the Father's omnipotence is the conviction that all suffering could be eliminated if only the Father wished it.’
    • ‘Suddenly the person takes on this mantle of omnipotence.’
    • ‘The mystery of the afterlife, the questions that surround the very idea of omnipotence are vivid and real within the scope of Wings of Desire.’
    • ‘All of it - omnipotence, beauty, wealth, power and more is within us.’
    • ‘The game grants you omnipotence over an assortment of medieval soldiers, serfs and craftsmen, who are your humble pawns as you bid to establish your reign.’
    • ‘Perhaps, said the sceptics, we could simply demonstrate the omnipotence of the wonder weapon, without using it on people.’
    • ‘Or rather, it has become part of O'Sullivan's general omnipotence.’
    • ‘Though presenting an image of omnipotence to outsiders, China's central government is often unaware of the details of individual cases.’
    • ‘Colleagues who have been frustrated by his omnipotence and intransigence in five years of government, have scented the faint whiff of blood in the water.’
    • ‘But this awareness stood alone when it was called upon to confront the omnipotence of the colonizer.’
    • ‘The entire system hinges on omnipotence at the very centre.’
    • ‘It is as if an old man were to play out a joke on those younger who have yet to understand that secret wisdom which gives him a gleeful omnipotence over their actions.’
    • ‘It is only brute fact that shakes any of us from the single most cherished of our illusions - the myth of our own grandeur and omnipotence.’
    • ‘The call wiped away a little of that aura of omniscience and omnipotence that Rubin had carried for so many years.’
    • ‘To rule out failure is not a policy but a wish - and a wish, indeed, for omnipotence.’
    • ‘This is clearly an argument to foster the illusive and baseless concepts of omnipotence and omnipresence.’
    • ‘They were in their early twenties, trying to find themselves, spurred on by feelings of omnipotence.’
    all-powerfulness, almightiness, supremacy, pre-eminence, supreme power, absolute power, unlimited power, undisputed sway, divine right
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