Meaning of omnivorously in English:



See omnivorous

‘Lawyers read omnivorously, for though books were somewhat scarce in the colonial period, there was a lot of time in which to read.’
  • ‘He spent his time reading omnivorously and engaging in doctrinal squabbles with other left-wing German refugees.’
  • ‘Amidst all this solemn and committed political life Macmillan had time to keep a diary (with some gaps) and to read omnivorously, mainly but not entirely the English classics.’
  • ‘A surprisingly consistent worldview emerges from the wildly original sound with repeated listens, explored within an aesthetically challenging and omnivorously creative musical framework.’
  • ‘Ferriter has read omnivorously in the new social history: subjects such as insanity, sex, the history of childhood, travellers, medical care, leisure (especially sport) receive full treatment; above all, so does the history of women.’