Meaning of on-lend in English:



[with object]
  • Lend (borrowed money) to a third party.

    ‘capital intermediaries borrowing funds from one part of the world and on-lending it to another part’
    • ‘For example Company B might lend some of its retained earnings to one of the shaded box occupants who is a small child who then is smart enough to on-lend the money at a higher rate of interest into the family business.’
    • ‘A B-loan is where instead of direct participation IFC lends to a consortium of banks that on-lends to projects.’
    • ‘If the reserves are on-lent for overseas operations, this could lead to encumbrance on the reserves and once again they would not be characterised as reserves.’
    • ‘But perhaps ways could be devised for the Treasury to on-lend the proceeds of its borrowing to qualified financial intermediaries proportionately, in an entirely non-discretionary manner.’
    • ‘He also said in order to provide the normal banking facilities, the bank was participating in on-lending to small and medium scale entrepreneurs using the European Investment Bank, and the World Bank.’
    • ‘Rather, the legal characterization of this arrangement may be a loan from the third party to the selling bank, which on-lends to the borrower.’
    • ‘This combination of circumstances readily enables banks to attract a flood of funds from overseas sources for on-lending to Kiwis.’
    • ‘It is said that that is the first misfeasance, that he should pledge, if you like, or secure that company's assets for the entirety of his borrowing, in excess of the amount that he had on-lent to that company.’
    • ‘As part of the act, the Reserve Bank would have full power to create and manage the money supply for New Zealand at 1% or less, on-lending to commercial banks and funding essential services such as health and education.’
    • ‘When I say, ‘their share’, by that I mean the amount of the overall borrowing which had been passed on to them by on-lending from Mr Carabelas.’
    • ‘An extra amount of $1.8 million will be made available by DFID for on-lending to small businesses.’
    • ‘It also extends term loans to certain Iraqi partner banks for on-lending to small local enterprises.’
    • ‘The Government has to keep its borrowings higher in order to on-lend to the students.’