Meaning of on-road in English:



  • 1Denoting or relating to events or conditions on a road, especially a vehicle's performance.

    ‘the all-wheel drive system will provide both impressive on-road handling and a respectable level of off-road capabilities’
    • ‘For those who want a rugged, go-anywhere vehicle offering a sophisticated on-road experience, then the fresh new look will have plenty of appeal.’
    • ‘High ratio can be selected ‘on the fly’ but is for off-road and loose on-road conditions, such as wet or metal roads.’
    • ‘Japanese emission standards for on-road vehicles and engines are adopted by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.’
    • ‘And we're betting that the on-road manners of the vehicles will be those that are most appreciated.’
    • ‘The Endeavor is primarily an on-road vehicle, but it is engineered for mild, off-road service as well.’
    • ‘Despite 170 horses under the bonnet, real on-road performance - as opposed to all-out at the test track - is best described as leisurely.’
    • ‘While it did most things well, its rivals managed to cover the same bases with a little more polish, be it fit and finish or the on-road experience.’
    • ‘A longitudinal study comparing on-road driving performance in healthy older adults with that of people with very mild or mild early stage Alzheimer-type dementia provides good evidence that driving ability becomes poorer over time.’
    • ‘It also enhances wet-weather grip for on-road driving.’
    • ‘As its off-road behavior had been at the expense of its on-road characteristics, air suspension was adopted-at a considerable price for the customer-to the top of the range versions in 1984.’
    • ‘I was expecting a rugged, large truck with hefty towing ability and good off-road performance, but vague on-road handling that was far from confidence inspiring at highway speeds, and flat out hard work over a long drive.’
    • ‘Large construction companies with fleets of on-road and off-road vehicles running into the tens of thousands have long known the importance of the computer in managing these critical assets.’
    • ‘Both will begin to lease their hybrid fuel cell vehicles for on-road use in Japan and California as early as the end of this year.’
    • ‘The drive-by-wire throttle system has two modes - normal for on-road use, augmented by a slower responding calibration for creeping off-road.’
    • ‘Driver response to termination of the green signal is examined in an observational study of on-road driver behaviour, and by using the stopping probability as the performance index.’
    • ‘Students were taken on-site after completion of the engineering treatment phase for on-road crossing practice at these new SRTS treatments.’
    • ‘Planning and design for on-road public transport.’
    • ‘One big advantage for CAS engineers is that the damper noise path was maintained so on-road evaluations are comparable.’
    • ‘A total of 1,400 km of bicycle facilities will be created or designated, 90 percent of which will be on-road.’
    • ‘It should greatly improve on-road handling and off-road capability.’
  • 2(in India) designating the final price of a vehicle including all additional charges such as registration fees, insurance, and dealer fees.

    • ‘they can view detailed features and tech specs, including accurate on-road prices’