Meaning of on-screen in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɒnˈskriːn/

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  • 1Shown or appearing in a film or television programme.

    ‘on-screen violence’
    • ‘Soaps have also seen a significant rise while there has been a steady increase in on-screen violence in films shown on TV.’
    • ‘The fold of flesh and film mean that all on-screen signifieds represent nothing of their own essence.’
    • ‘We've also started to plug the next programme on-screen during the preceding one.’
    • ‘So for a number of years, he received no on-screen credit as cameraman.’
    • ‘This is accessed by clicking on a sword icon that appears on-screen every once in a while.’
    • ‘Viewers will see an on-screen button appear during the show, which they can activate with their remote control to access more information.’
    • ‘The problem is that the actors seem to be less in synch than their on-screen alter egos.’
    • ‘And there's lots of fancy overlapping film frames and on-screen cursive text.’
    • ‘Now, after all, can an actor not make his or her existence on-screen appear pre-destined?’
    • ‘The trailer is also included, as well as two on-screen text features: editing notes and a story bible.’
    • ‘He has good on-screen chemistry with both actors playing the sons.’
    • ‘The on-screen spectacle is not a cinematic fiction of terror; it is terrorism, real and immediate.’
    • ‘Of course, it doesn't hurt that chicks dig him both in the audience and on-screen.’
    • ‘And yet it never occurred to them to go home and use a real gun to act out the on-screen violence.’
    • ‘The second explains caddie tips that appear on-screen, which give you tips on how and where to hit your upcoming shot.’
    • ‘Not only does he have a grating voice, but he merely describes what is going on on-screen when not singing his own praises.’
    • ‘Together, these two click, exuding the on-screen chemistry that is vital to the success of a movie like this.’
    • ‘A lot of self-deprecating to get into the core of the character, he is a fascinating, grand, over the top character in life and on-screen.’
    • ‘How did you assemble your on-screen subjects, namely the factory workers?’
    • ‘His on-screen persona is generally snide and mean-spirited, and usually not very funny at all.’
  • 2Making use of or performed with the aid of a computer screen.

    ‘on-screen editing facilities’
    • ‘Using this configuration, many of Samus' weapons and abilities are handled via on-screen touch screen options.’
    • ‘The DS is a dual-screened system, with one screen facilitating touch input using either a stylus or an on-screen keyboard.’
    • ‘Along with that, the system uses a piece of middleware called CDS to run the on-screen guide.’
    • ‘This comes with the ability to compare two storage devices on-screen at the same time and that is exactly what we needed for our comparisons.’
    • ‘Web pages are selected using an on-screen virtual keyboard.’
    • ‘After all, there's no reason to suffer through an unstyled printout when our on-screen design is so robust.’
    • ‘Writing short e-mails is practical using the on-screen keyboard, and reading e-mails is fine.’
    • ‘It could be as simple as restoring data from a backup or even viewing the password on-screen.’
    • ‘The analysis of SCE and aberrations was performed on-screen.’
    • ‘Using a stylus on-screen to manipulate images is very intuitive, like using a pencil or brush to draw and paint.’
    • ‘There's no keyboard - the device presents a virtual, on-screen pad.’
    • ‘The on-screen approach is to send a piece of e-mail that looks like it comes from your company's help desk.’
    • ‘Digital Terrestrial viewers will be able to view two from the following four interactive streams in full screen via the on-screen menu.’
    • ‘First, you can view the requirements associated with each page or widget on-screen.’
    • ‘Pay attention to the on-screen help messages and guides as you go through this process.’
    • ‘Installation is a simple matter of following the on-screen instructions.’
    • ‘The on-screen menu is adequate, but a little awkward to navigate, although I gave no deduction for it.’
    • ‘The LCD's on-screen menu is well designed and easy to navigate and understand.’
    • ‘The remaining buttons are for navigating and making selections on the serviceable on-screen menu.’
    • ‘Couldn't even tell you the title now and in these days where we use on-screen programme schedules I can't go back and check.’


  • 1In a film or television programme.

    • ‘she never appears on-screen’
  • 2With the aid of a computer screen.

    • ‘graphics can be edited on-screen’