Meaning of on-set in English:



  • Taking place during or relating to the rehearsing of a play or the making of a film.

    ‘an on-set photographer’
    • ‘An on-set fire, during filming, also caused havoc, when crew members initially thought it was a bomb and Bloom had to be evacuated.’
    • ‘However, in the end you kind of wish he'd have at least sprung for an on-set defibrillator so the film would have had a chance to sustain a heartbeat.’
    • ‘Films are always, unavoidably, past - even a freshly edited film festival entry or on-set dailies.’
    • ‘Further enticements include an unearthed on-set interview with Steven Spielberg.’
    • ‘There are also several scenes where flesh tones and other areas appear a bit orange, which is either a failing of the DV filming, the on-set lighting, the DVD transfer, or a combination of all three.’
    • ‘Although short in length, the interview vignettes are laced with production stills, film clips, and on-set shots, and are really nicely produced and uniformly informative for fans of the film.’
    • ‘But this gambit also reveals how every life contains the stuff of great drama, a point that is further validated by the onscreen and on-set presence of the film's subjects.’
    • ‘Both of these brief featurettes include on-set interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and a lot of good old-fashioned fun.’
    • ‘Still, the on-set interviews and rehearsal footage are entertaining.’
    • ‘It's a pretty good documentary on the guy, made around the time Lost Highway was going down, hence all the on-set stuff from that film.’
    • ‘Two scenes are broken down into a multi-angle presentation showing the sequences from storyboards, through on-set shooting, through the addition of special effects, to the final product.’
    • ‘As it stands now, this is a collection of on-set footage edited together with the finished scenes from the final movie.’
    • ‘Since the days of silent film it has always been the case that film-makers spend far more time in editing and post-production than on-set filming.’
    • ‘It's pretty much all on-set footage - Burton directing, the actors acting, makeup artists applying makeup.’
    • ‘Here you get 21 minutes of on-set footage.’
    • ‘As a reviewer you get sort of jaded to these documentaries, seeing so many of them, because they all consist of the same stuff - talking heads and on-set footage.’
    • ‘Sebastian offers a lively commentary track, and a hefty behind-the-scenes feature sports interviews and on-set footage.’
    • ‘Importantly, an air of medical authenticity, and the gravitas of the hospital as an institution, is maintained (no doubt aided by the constant on-set presence of two doctors acting as advisors).’
    • ‘As for our duties, while Alex handled all of the directing, editing, and post supervising on the project, I handled the bulk of the production logistics, practical special effects and on-set massaging.’
    • ‘Does a film really need hair and make-up artists solely for the benefit of an individual star; what, aren't the highly trained experienced on-set make-up and hair people good enough?’