Meaning of on-target earnings in English:

on-target earnings

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plural noun

  • The expected salary of a salesperson, including bonuses and commission.

    ‘on-target earnings are potentially very high’
    • ‘Senior marketers in large IT firms are earning in the region of €30,000–€35,000 basic, plus the prospect of up to €70,000 on-target earnings.’
    • ‘Unusually, the company's latest redundancy payments will be calculated on the basis of annual salary plus on-target earnings, which include commissions and bonuses.’
    • ‘The on-target earnings for this one are not as high compared to the other positions doing much the same work.’
    • ‘Considerable scope for career progression exists within the organisation, with on-target earnings expected to be well above £30k in the first year.’
    • ‘Base pay is $31,200 per year with first year on-target earnings of $50,000+ after incentive and performance bonuses.’
    • ‘"There is attractive on-target earnings, a good bonus structure and benefits package available."’
    • ‘You can expect your first-year on target earnings to be $60K with the opportunity to make up to $70k.’
    • ‘Realistic on target earnings for a first year Executive would be between $45,000 and $60,000.’
    • ‘On target earnings can reach $200k for top reps.’
    • ‘The company will reward your passion for the industry and strong work ethic with a generous salary, providing the opportunity to achieve expected on target earnings of circa $100,000.’