Meaning of on-topic in English:



  • (of a comment) relevant to the subject under discussion.

    ‘on-topic contributions to the discussion’
    • ‘I've also always had a difficult time staying on-topic.’
    • ‘I will settle for sincere attempts to stay on topic.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, back on topic - remember, blame is a two way street.’
    • ‘At the risk of getting back on topic, I imported a US Live kit from Singapore about 4 months ago.’
    • ‘Back on topic, I want to expand on a few posts I've been making around the place today.’
    • ‘Back on topic, women should be made aware of the consequences of their decision, sure.’
    • ‘Let's get to another e-mail on topic here.’
    • ‘In actuality, it was the most on-topic Roundtable yet.’
    • ‘Keeping everyone in line and on topic is vital and necessary.’
    • ‘You seem pretty on topic to me.’
    • ‘While a list of on-topic documents is undoubtedly useful, even that can be more information than a user wants to examine.’
    • ‘The hour was almost over when she announced, "This isn't on topic, but it's important to me."’
    • ‘Maybe, (to stay on topic) that would allow those who use this service to be a little more open about it.’
    • ‘Please stay on topic, however.’
    • ‘Please give it a try, and be conscious of setting a positive example in initial posts with clear, spell-checked, polite and on-topic postings.’
    • ‘And, back on topic, what exactly is your idea of a Posthuman?’
    • ‘I will stay on topic.’
    • ‘Back on-topic, though, this is exactly what the book was written for.’
    • ‘However - in the interests of trying to stay on topic - what about Pearl Harbour, and the sleeping giant?’
    • ‘I'm extremely tired so there is a possibility that stuff was more on topic than I thought but this has been my impression.’


  • On the subject under discussion.

    • ‘I'll do my best to stay on-topic’