Meaning of on demand in English:

on demand

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  • As soon as or whenever required.

    ‘a combination boiler provides hot water on demand’
    • ‘an on-demand movie service on broadband’
    • ‘It had required people to produce their ID card on demand by the police.’
    • ‘From early in the morning to late at night, it provides health care on demand.’
    • ‘There is a fine restaurant, and room service provides high-quality food and drink on demand from a short menu.’
    • ‘The Minister was not in a position to produce a valid ticket on demand.’
    • ‘Feeding a baby on demand - as opposed to the regular structure of a bottle - can have advantages, too.’
    • ‘Free booze and nibbles are available on demand - you just help yourself.’
    • ‘This was changed in 2001, after legislation was put in place which allows anyone to opt for a postal vote on demand.’
    • ‘In Calcutta, there is no waiting list as connections are available on demand.’
    • ‘The idea of providing applications on demand as Web services, for sure, was not a new invention.’
    • ‘One person doesn't get buy a book then print their own free editions of it, on demand, for anyone who's interested.’