Meaning of on equal terms in English:

on equal terms


  • With the same advantages and disadvantages.

    ‘all companies should be able to compete on equal terms’
    • ‘The competition takes place on a level playing field, where every country has a chance to participate on equal terms.’
    • ‘Companies are no longer allowed to exclude part-time workers - they must offer membership to everyone on equal terms.’
    • ‘For clubs playing in European competitions, a mid-season break would allow them to compete on equal terms.’
    • ‘We are seeing emerge a kaleidoscopic collection of niche high quality businesses which can compete on equal terms in the international market.’
    • ‘Private hospitals, whether for profit or not, would compete on equal terms.’
    • ‘Catholic bishops claimed to correspond with provincial governors on equal terms.’
    • ‘Philip gave her a curious look, standing to face her on equal terms.’
    • ‘Graduate students, junior faculty, senior distinguished professors all entered the lists on equal terms.’
    • ‘I truly love a woman who will take on a man in a fight on equal terms.’
    • ‘We do not succeed in meeting on equal terms those who lack the privilege of a history.’